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IMCAT - 87th Legislative Session RECAP
  • HB 1525 will reduce roughly $620 million dollars from the TIMA Funds. What does this mean? While we are still trying to get a firm number on the exact impacts, school districts should prepare for a 40-60% reducting in the TIMA allotment for this upcoming biennium.  

  • IMCAT was blindsinded by this and completely disagrees with this decision by the legislative branch. IMCAT will continue to press forward and fight for future funding for our school districts for Intructional Materials. 

Statement from IMCAT President - Matt Tyner, Dallas ISD


HEADS-UP! Your Technology and Instructional Materials Allotment is likely going to be reduced for this biennium

Attention Instructional Materials Coordinators,


I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the IMCAT Board, to pass along some information that we have recently learned.  


As you all are eagerly awaiting your new allotment amounts to be announced it is troubling to learn that we all will be facing a nearly 60% cut in funding to our TIMA accounts this biennium.  


Legislative committees determined that this biennium would be a “good” time to take funding from the TIMA allotment.  The rationale given for this closed-door, last-minute decision was based on Federal ESSER funds being issued to districts and the fact that Proclamations 2021 and 2022 are markedly smaller adoptions than years past.  


While that may sound good on paper, it is potentially disastrous to some districts.  No one at the table took into consideration that many districts across the state rely on their TIMA funds for technology, training, salaries, AP and college materials, digital subscriptions, supplemental resources and many, many other critical instructional materials needs.


Another major issue all districts will be facing in the very near future are the “GAP” years created by expiring adoptions. Districts will be facing a lack of print materials for their K-8 math and science programs beginning with 2022-2023.  School districts will also be strapped with finding the funding necessary to continue with online resources for those subjects. 


It is extremely important everyone reach out to your curriculum staff and your publishers and begin making plans on next steps as the Proclamation 2014(K-8 math/K-12 Science) resources will be expiring this upcoming spring.  


Everyone will need to look at how they plan to structure their curriculum during this time and determine what best fits their instructional needs.  Most publishers will likely renew their Proclamation 2014 contract with TEA, however that contract renewal simply sets pricing and guarantees delivery of materials that are purchased by individual districts.  Once the TIMA allotment amounts are made available, be sure to evaluate your TIMA budget keeping in mind that proclamations will be expiring during this time frame.




Matt Tyner

President, IMCAT 2021

Proclamation 2022

The SBOE issued Proclamation 2022 at its April 2020 meeting to call for health and physical education instructional materials. The adoption of materials under Proclamation 2022 is scheduled to occur in November 2021. The adopted materials are scheduled to go into classrooms in the 2022–23 school year. 

Click here to be directed to the Proclamation 2022 webpage.

Certification Form

[Action Required] Submission of TEKS Certification by May 7, 2021, to purchase materials in EMAT when it opens for school year 2021–22  

School districts and charter schools are required to certify annually to the State Board of Education and the commissioner that, for each subject in the required curriculum other than physical education, students have access to instructional materials that cover all the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Districts and charters must submit certifications to receive access to ordering 2021−22 instructional materials through EMAT. Any district that submits a form prior to May 7, 2021, will be able to order from EMAT when it opens on May 10, 2021, for the 2021–22 school year. The due date for the form is May 28, 2021, and EMAT access will be provided within 5 business days of form submission.     

TEA has updated the process for TEKS certification. The certification must still be ratified by the LEA’s board of trustees or governing body in an open, public-noticed meeting. The recommended steps are included below: 

  1. Download and fill out the blank Excel Template or blank PDF Template. The form asks LEAs to indicate the instructional materials the district has adopted or plans to adopt for the 2021–22 school year for each grade level and core subject or core course. Note: this document will not be collected by TEA, however the information included matches what will be required for submission in the online form.  

  2. Bring completed form to Board to obtain approval.  

  3. After Board approval, complete the required, online form found here: 2021–22 Allotment and TEKS Certification Form. Note: The district representative completing the form will be required to confirm information has been approved by Board via the survey. Signatures are not required to be uploaded or submitted. 

TEA's Janet Warren met with the IMCAT Board April 15 to discuss the new TEKS Certification.

Here's a link to a video of that discussion.

We hope it proves helpful!



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