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IMCAT - 87th Legislative Session RECAP
  • HB 1525 will reduce roughly $620 million dollars from the TIMA Funds. What does this mean? While we are still trying to get a firm number on the exact impacts, school districts should prepare for a 40-60% reducting in the TIMA allotment for this upcoming biennium.  

  • IMCAT was blindsinded by this and completely disagrees with this decision by the legislative branch. IMCAT will continue to press forward and fight for future funding for our school districts for Intructional Materials. 

Proclamation 2022

The SBOE issued Proclamation 2022 at its April 2020 meeting to call for health and physical education instructional materials. The adoption of materials under Proclamation 2022 is scheduled to occur in November 2021. The adopted materials are scheduled to go into classrooms in the 2022–23 school year. 

Click here to be directed to the Proclamation 2022 webpage.

EMAT Closing

The educational materials ordering system known as EMAT will close at 8:00 a.m. CDT on March 28, 2022. Local educational agencies (LEAs) should place orders for instructional materials needed for the 2021−22 school year before March 28, 2022. Districts’ remaining allotment funds will roll over to the next school year. 

Certification Form

There will be changes to the TEKS Certification Form this year. Start by downloading a sample copy of the online survey to assist with collecting the information needed to complete the form. A link to a sample copy will be available on the TEA Instructional Materials website starting March 28, 2022. The form asks LEAs to indicate the instructional materials the LEA has adopted or plans to adopt for the 2022–23 school year for each grade level and core subject or core course, and some additional questions about instructional materials and local adoption procedures.  



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