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Accessible Instructional Materials
Current List of Adopted Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials Allotment


Texas Gateway

TEA has contracted with two instructional materials developers to create instructional materials in nine high school courses. These state-developed, open-source materials are now available free of charge to Texas school districts through the Texas Gateway. All products are certified to meet 100% of the required standards (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or College Board Learning Standards).

TEA IMCAT Presentations

TEA Instructional Materials Staff

Instructional Materials Staff


Instructional Materials Distribution and Accessibility






Review and Adoption

Kelly Callaway, Senior Director, Instructional Materials:
Katie Allen, Administrative Assistant: 


Janet Warren, Director, Distribution and Accessibility:   

Debbie Gonzales, Accessible Instructional Materials Coordinator:

Lea Ann Lee, Distribution and Accessibility Specialist:

Latrice Burleson, Distribution and Accessibility Specialist:

Noelle Buttery, Distribution and Accessibility Specialist: 

Amie Williams, Director, Review and Adoption:

Sarah Ramirez, Review and Adoption Coordinator:

Cassandra Pignato, Review and Adoption Specialist:

Janika Imafidon, Review and Adoption Specialist:

Cheryl Aker, Review and Adoption Specialist:

Audrey Willman, Review and Adoption Specialist:  

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